Audrey Zona-Holiday Guide

ZoHealthy Holiday Survival Guide

Ever wish you had your health coach with you during the holiday hustle and bustle?

 Now You Can!
I'm here to support you to stay on track this holiday season.
The ZoHealthy Holiday Survival Guide ebook is a printable resource that provides everything you need not just to survive this season, but to thrive throughout it and into 2020. Let this “Audrey in your pocket” be how you start your day, how you end your day, and your emergency resource when you’re struggling.

Organized by activity and emotion.
Find exactly what you need, when you need it.

Topics Include:

  • Daily Healthy Habits

    And I do mean daily. Incorporate these into your life until they truly become habits - no matter the season.

  • On The Go

    We schedule ourselves from dawn til long after dark. These tips are easy and THEY WORK.

  • Afternoon Sugar Cravings

    This one affects a lot of us, because we’re racing around constantly.

  • Ugh! Bloating, Gas, Discomfort

    Did you indulge too much? We joke about the holiday ritual of unbuttoning the top button after eating, but you’re still uncomfortable and miserable. These tips will help.

  • Parties, Open Bars, Buffets, Oh My!

    On the list of Holiday Don’ts, this is a big one: Don’t avoid the parties this season. It IS a time to celebrate with colleagues and wrap our arms around those we call family. Arm yourself with these effective tips.

  • Stressed, Emotional, & Busy!

    What to do when it is all hitting at once.

  • Food Prep and Holiday Recipes

    These save time, allowing you to feel organized and more in control, which makes you feel less stressed. That’s one of your goals this season.

  • Mental Health Minute

    Reflection helps put things in perspective. Journal prompts to help keep your mindfulness during the holiday season.


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