Join me over the holiday season, with a program designed to get you through it without gaining a pound!

 If you are concerned about the Halloween candy, turkey stuffing, Chanukkah latkes or Christmas cookies, then this program is for you!!
Meet with me weekly for an hour and I’ll set you up for the entire season so that you won’t gain a pound…and you’ll go into the season a lighter and brighter version of yourself!

If you’ve tried your share of diets, cleanses, shakes and pills, and still find yourself struggling with your weight and food, it’s time to deal with the many underlying reasons that are causing you to overeat and to use food as comfort. Your weight is merely a symptom of something much larger and more profound. It’s your bodies way of telling you that something is “off” and wants to be heard. Those unwanted pounds are there for a reason, and it’s not just because you enjoy food!


Get Audrey’s top picks’s to dial down before and during the holidays!
Download my Healthy Holiday Habits Tip Sheet!

Navigate social situations - eating out, staying in, cocktail parties and more, this skill is priceless

How Does the Zo Healthy Holiday Reset Work?

  • We can work either in-person or virtually over Zoom.

  • End overeating in it’s tracks - no more feeling overly stuffed heading to bed and waking up with regret
  • Stay motivated - even when it’s cold outside
  • Cope with your emotions instead of eating them!
  • Weekly meal prep ideas to help you stay on track as well as tons of recipes for the season!

Join me over the holiday season, with a program designed
to get you through it without gaining a pound!


You’ve tried all the diets out there:  meal preps, support group meetings, counting calories, points and then there’s the 7 Day Diet, or the 10 Day Cleanse!  Stop the madness!!!  Get off the best seller list and get the SUPPORT you need...Audrey!  

Audrey really listens to your triggers, your challenges and tailors the plan according to YOUR needs.  Beyond compassion, and knowledge Audrey has taught me that no matter what life throws at us we CAN BE A SUCCESS and finally free from the burden of extra weight.

She changed my life..and she can yours.


I would not have believed it unless it happened to me — 20 pounds in 7 weeks. And I’ve continued to lose 2 pounds per week since then. My story reads like a cover of a supermarket tabloid - but its true!
I started this journey with Audrey in June 2018. We met at her lovely home, via video, or phone every week. There are a few things I’ve learned from Audrey that I have applied every single day of my journey.
Discipline not deprivation,
Bad days will happen. Have many more good days than bad days,
Be willing to put your health first, be willing to put yourself first,
And most importantly, 
You are not alone
Audrey is a true partner; she shares her progress, struggles, and always has a strategy for overcoming whatever challenge I’ve brought to her. She’s introduced me to new foods, different spices, and fabulous websites. I would not have found these without Audrey - its made the journey easier.
Each week, I’m learning more about myself, my health, and my ability to change behaviors that have sabotaged me for many years. Audrey’s practical advice, guidance, and overall positive outlook is central to my early success. But this is a lifestyle change, not a fast fix with an even faster backslide into bad habits. I’m committed to my health, my progress, and my renewed sense of self. I’m more confident than I have every been - I have Audrey to thank for that — thanks Coach!


This has been an insightful, thought provoking and educational journey. Your knowledge of healthy living and eating “clean” is amazing and is only surpassed by your empathy and understanding of your clients’ emotional well-being.  The sense of calmness and kindness that exists in your company is a testament to your passion of helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle through mind, and body wellness.