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How to Handle Diet Saboteurs and the Holidays

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Diet Saboteurs! You know these people….they are the one’s that say, “just have a piece”, “you don’t need to lose weight” or “c’mon everyone is eating it, one bite won’t hurt”. Dealing with diet saboteurs can be tricky, especially when these comments are coming from food pushing family and friends and it happens to be a holiday. So, how do you deal with them? This is a constant conversation among me and my clients, so with Thanksgiving this week and the holiday season upon us, it’s the perfect time to discuss.

What I always tell my clients is that you are in complete control! Although it may be difficult to say no, just remember that you have the strength and inner power to do what’s best for you. Think about how you’ll feel after caving in, and how angry you’ll be that someone else pushed you into  eating something that you didn’t really want. Don’t allow anyone else to have power over your decisions! Make choices that make you feel happy and healthy, and try to surround yourself with people who support you and your efforts.

The next thing I want to mention is…don’t make a big deal about your diet or way of eating. The more vocal you are, the more people will pay attention. Generally speaking, women are always on a “diet” and are envious of others if they’re having more success. They tend to feel threatened, and may not be supportive of your eating habits. Just make the best choices for yourself, without announcing it to the world. Believe me, no one is paying attention, unless you make a big deal of it. 

If someone offers you something that you don’t want, just say “No thanks…not in the mood”  or “I’m really full, but thank you anyway”. If you still feel like an explanation is needed…you can answer with, I’m eating this way because it makes me feel so good! I love how much energy I have when I eat alot of veggies and stay away from bread. Or my standard response is, “Sorry I can’t eat that, I’m allergic”. This works every time!

I absolutely love the holidays, being surrounded by family and friends, but they tend to be very food focused. Parties, baking cookies, eating delicious food, after work gatherings….it’s all so much fun to me! Yet, on the other hand, it can be quite daunting when you’re trying to stay healthy, lose weight or just maintain where you are. Here are a few tips and tricks that work every time!

  1. Pre-eat before going to a party or event. Have a little something to eat so that you don’t show up too hungry, and end up grabbing the unhealthy options. Having some food in your belly will save you hundreds of calories!
  2. Don’t deprive yourself, but be mindful of your indulgences. Have your favorite dessert or whatever makes you happy, but keep it to one slice and make sure the rest of your day is aligned with your goals. Make a plan and stick to it.
  3. Eat your regular meals even if you have a big holiday meal planned later in the day. Make sure to have your breakfast and lunch as you would on any normal day, maybe slightly smaller. Skipping meals and choosing to “not eat” will absolutely backfire and you’ll be ravenous come dinner time.
  4. Don’t beat yourself up if you went overboard and had way too many sugary desserts, too many pigs in a blanket and a chocolate martini. It’s ok, give yourself a pass and just move on. Don’t throw in the healthy eating towel. Healthy eating is a choice so make a conscious effort to get back on track with your next meal.
  5. Meditation, breath work and mindfulness are essential to stay on track. The more you connect with yourself and understand your hunger, the easier it will be to make healthier choices around food.

I hope these tips will help you with potential diet saboteurs and how to handle the holiday festivities coming your way. You are strong and amazing…you got this! If you’re looking for any more support, please check out my Holiday Survival Guide to help you navigate the holiday season!

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