Interview with Angelika Kaprelian, Founder of LoveLove


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s time to talk CHOCOLATE and sweets!! I’m not sure if you know this, but, Valentine’s Day is my most favorite holiday of all!! My love affair with this holiday started way back when I was a child. My birthday happens to be in February, so my amazing mom would make me the most beautiful birthday parties, all revolving around Valentine’s Day. From the candy hearts to the cookies, chocolates and heart shaped cake…we would have it all!! (And I wonder why I have a problem with sugar addiction? LOL!!)

Anyway, through the years, I was able to keep this tradition going … hence my obsession with hearts, flowers, anything pink and of course chocolate!

Being that I’m a health coach, looking for new and exciting things to share with all of you, when I was introduced to LoveLove I thought, “This is fabulous…and I need to tell everyone!” Not only are these desserts so pretty and delicious, but super duper healthy too!! I’m a bit obsessed with her mini bites that come in different flavors in small packages for gift giving….perfect for this upcoming holiday or for any reason at all.

So, I had the pleasure of speaking with Angelika about her company, and how she started, so I thought I’d share some of the interview with you…

All of the desserts are raw and vegan, that’s right, no baking involved!


Why did you decide to go the raw route?
Angelika: Because raw treats are the perfect balance of INDULGING and NOURISHING. I couldn’t find anything on the market I could enjoy eating and get my daily nutrients from. I don’t like eating bars. The way they look and taste make them unattractive. I started to experiment with raw food and realized that there are plenty of ways to enjoy healthy and wholesome foods. So, I came up with unbaked treats and desserts as my replacement of protein, energy or breakfast bars. They are full of whole foods, are higher in NUTRIENTS and DELICIOUS, and definitely better than bars. I couldn’t ask for more! Love Love treats could simultaneously be DELICIOUS and deliver to your body various NUTRITIONAL needs.


What products are you now offering?
Angelika: We start with 4 products and custom cakes. Each product has an unique combination of adaptogens and superfood.

  • BITEEZ are indulgent without guilt. It’ the energy bullets of with maca and cacao – only one reason for worrying about how many you eat.
  • LOVEEZ are natural protein cups with different seeds and protein – power bar in cup.
  • ZEEZEEZ are a nutrient-packed raw cookie with buckwheat and cordyceps – the best breakfast.
  • TIGEREEZ are cheesecakes like made from roots – nut-free desserts from tigernuts.
  • All LoveLove CUSTOM CAKES are uncooked, unprocessed, plant-based and unique.


Where did you get the name LoveLove?
Angelika: LoveLove means loving yourself by taking care of your soul, your well being, your heart, keeping peace in your mind, everything that is you, and including beautiful body of yours. Your body is the best gift you have. I truly believe in MIND and BODY connection. The two go hand in hand. I believe in body movement, but you can’t move without food.

The second love is all about food. Food can make us happy and sad, food can help and hurt, food can be a celebration or obsession. You must not just enjoy your food but know that you are giving your body all it needs. So love yourself and love what you eat.

When you love yourself you have ability to take care of others, share your love and make people happier.

To place an order send an email to: – Mention ZO Healthy to receive a 10% discount!

LoveLove offers two pick up locations in New Jersey: The Bar method Studios

    • Englewood – 525 N Dean St, Englewood, NJ 07631
    • Closter – 91 Vervalen St, Closter, NJ 07624

Unfortunately, she isn’t shipping yet, but deliveries can be made for an additional fee, depending upon the location.

So, if you are looking for a little “something sweet” for the health conscious person in your life or for anyone who enjoys delicious treats this Valentine’s Day (or whenever!) then Love Love is for you! Any questions, as always, reach out to me!

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