One-On-One Health Coaching

Audrey Zona Health Coaching

It’s for the person who is struggling to lose weight, looking to learn about living a healthy lifestyle, eating clean and once and for all changing their relationship to food.  Oftentimes this client wakes up and realizes that they feel like shit, no energy, hormones all over the place, sugar addiction and has gained 25 pounds and they don’t know how it happened! They have put their spouse and family first for many years and now they look in the mirror and they don’t recognize themselves. They are pretty unhappy, but they recognize that there must be a better way…and they are going to take control! They are excited to finally shed the weight and gain their life back. They have been using food to cope with the many stresses in life, numbing themselves with food and they are sick and tired of the diet roller coaster. They come to me to finally heal and uncover what’s really going on in their life. Weight gain is typically a door way to transformation….and I’m happy to assist my client in not only losing weight, but gaining their life back.

I start from scratch….encouraging them to eat REAL, CLEAN FOOD, not processed food from bags and boxes. I educate them in every which way. I food shop with them, I clean out their pantry and fridge, I cook with them, I guide & support them on this journey. Weekly emails, texts and phone calls are all a part of the program.  If necessary, I suggest physicians for them to see who I work closely with.

After the initial 1 1/2 hour consultation, I typically encourage an 12 week program (if that’s what they need) to really get them on track. We meet weekly for the at first, then bi monthly for the next sessions. This accountability really makes all the difference in the world!

I provide menu planning, recipes, nutritional information, specialty field trips, invites to topic specific seminars and much, much more.

If you have questions about working together
and want to have a chat…email me and we’ll set up a call!