Green Soup Cleanse

Zo Healthy Soup Cleanse

Chef Craig of Craig's Kitchen

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Enjoy a 3 day organic soup cleanse to nourish your body and soul.
Detox and reboot your system for a cleaner, healthier you!

Each day you will enjoy the following 4 soups and snack.

Why We Cleanse

To give our livers a break, if we’re feeling low on energy, have sluggish digestion or for weight loss.

What You Can Expect to Feel During the Cleanse

You may feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster…excited, exhausted, annoyed, headachy or you may feel amazing! Everyone experiences something different, so join the cleanse with an open mind.

Prep Days

I suggest 1-3 days prior to the cleanse (depending upon your lifestyle) plan to include: probiotics, dry brushing, apple cider vinegar in warm water with lemon and drink green tea to replace coffee if possible. To prep best, plan to avoid or eat less of dairy, meat and alcohol.

The Details:
Cleanse Starts Monday March 15th
(or any day after)

In addition to the 12 soups and 3 snacks, you’ll receive daily email support from me - your health coach!
I’m also available via email to answer any questions and to support you along the way. Once you join the 3 day cleanse, you’ll be hearing from me!

Price for the 3 day soup cleanse and daily email support from Audrey- $195

Not interested in doing the cleanse?
No problem! The soups come frozen, so you can enjoy them any time! Such a great idea to have soups on hand for when you’ve over indulged and are in need of “lighter” fare.
You can add them to your regular meals for a healthy dose of veggies.


Pick up details and location:
Sunday, March 14th
Craig’s Kitchen
16 West Prospect St.
Waldwick, NJ

Order by Friday, March 12th

Craigs Kitchen Soup Cleanse Delivery

The Soups

Pureed Lentil Soup
• Yellow Onion 
• Garlic 
• Carrot 
• Celery 
• Cumin 
• Turmeric 
• Kosher Salt 
• Black Pepper 
• Vegetable Stock
Power Green Soup
• Zucchini 
• Sweet Onion 
• Curly Kale
 • Dry Tumeric
 • Vegetable stock • Kosher Salt
 • Black Pepper
Butternut Squash Soup
Butternut Squash
• Sweet Onion • Vegetable Stock • Kosher Salt 
• Black Pepper
Miso Soup
Organic Miso • Tofu
 • Carrot 
• Garlic • Ginger 
• Scallion 
• Shitake Mushroom
• Vegetable Stock 
• Kosher Salt  • Black Pepper


Energy Balls
Organic Sun Butter • Chia Seed
 • Hemp Seed • Dried Organic Dates 
• Gluten Free Oats • Dried Organic Cranberry
We are pleased to offer as an “add-on” Chicken Bone Broth.
In addition to being delicious, bone broth is a nutritional powerhouse! It’s high in collagen protein, gelatin and essential amino acids- all in a form our body easily understands and absorbs. Drinking bone broth daily may be a simple way to heal your gut and reduce inflammation in the body.

Juice Collab

An exciting collaboration to make your cleanse even better!

I’ve partnered with Clean Juice in Wyckoff to offer you 2 special drinks to add to the cleanse each day. Consider adding a daily “Green" juice and/or a nighttime Cashew milk for some extra nourishment.

Just tell them you’re a part of the Zo Healthy Soup Cleanse and you’ll receive a special discount!

Go VIP With The Cleanse

Ensure your success with this 3 day cleanse
and get Audrey in your back pocket!
Cleanse + text access to Audrey + one 60 minute coaching call or in person meeting for $349


Important Cleansing Tips and Suggestions

Start every day with room temperature water with lemon and take your probiotic. You can also add in a celery juice if desired. If you need caffeine, try green tea or black coffee (if you can’t go without it!).

20-30 minutes of non-strenuous exercise.

Drink water with fresh lemon or lime throughout the day (at least 8 glasses). Remember you are trying to flush your system of all toxic build up.

20 minute Epsom salt bath each night if possible.

Space your soups about 2 hours apart from each other.
Have your energy balls in the afternoon.

If You Feel Very Hungry or Weak

Try half an avocado, cucumber slices or a smoothie (berries, spinach, water, ice and a plant based protein powder). You can also sip on bone broth throughout the day. I’m offering a chicken or beef bone broth made by chef Craig.

Post Cleanse

1 - 3 Days Depending on Your Lifestyle

Green juice or celery juice in the morning, lemon water, leafy green salads, veggies, lettuce wraps with hummus or guacamole, nuts, salmon or veggie bowls with quinoa.