The Self Care Solution by Dr. Jennifer Ashton

I’m totally obsessed with nutrition, wellness and self help books, so when @drjashton sent me a copy of her latest book, I was elated!! Seriously you guys, this is a must read!⁠

Dr. Jennifer Ashton, ABC’s Chief Medical Correspondent, ⁠rings in the New Year with a resolution that’s actually doable: a year long plan to improve your emotional and physical health. Sounds pretty good to me!⁠

In this beautifully written book, she becomes both researcher and subject as she focuses on 12 separate challenges, guides you through the struggles she faces and the benefits she experiences, while also explaining the science behind why each month’s challenge can lead to better health.⁠

Inspiring, practical and informative, THE SELF-CARE SOLUTION teaches you how to recalibrate your life to enjoy a better, healthier year, one month at a time.⁠

Go grab your copy now…you’ll be so happy you did!⁠

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