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Audrey Zona

Hi. I’m Audrey Zona and I know what it’s like to wish for a different body. Do you see that little girl over there?
I’ve struggled with my weight on and off for most of my life. I’ve struggled with sugar addiction believe me, I know what you are going through.


Are You:

  • Stuck in eating habits that no longer serve you?
  • Afraid of failing at a diet because you’ve failed before?
  • Using food as a substitute for something missing in your life?
  • Addicted to sugar or easy, processed foods?
  • Stress eating?
  • Afraid of weight loss group weigh-ins?
  • Unsure which trendy diets, cookbooks, or recipes actually work?
  • Eager to have control over food?
  • Ready to reset your eating habits, rethink body image and shift your mindset?

My One-on-One clients often share these feelings with me when we first meet and trust me, I've heard every type of frustration out there. For every question you have about healthy eating, I can provide answers, insights and resources that go well beyond what your scale says or what is in your pantry.

“I like to say that my One-on-One clients lose more than weight,

This is because I focus on YOU. I look at pertinent aspects of your daily life, your habits and triggers, your thoughts about body image and how those play into what you eat. But we’re doing more than identifying specific behaviors, we’re exploring the “whys” behind your eating habits, and how emotions and thoughts impact your body, the way you feel, and finally the way you eat. My goal isn’t merely to find what needs to change, but to help you change it. I'm the voice in your ear encouraging you, like your best girlfriend. The difference is that I come with experience, based on research and results.

Together, we work out a plan that isn’t “all or nothing.” My coaching is not about deprivation or creating fear. It’s about helping you make conscious choices that will affect your weight, your energy and your overall outlook on life.


There are two programs to choose from - an 8 week or a 12 week and both include a detailed 2 hour consultation, where I ask a lot of questions, listen without judgment, and educate you on how to eat clean, real food. I clean all the crap out of your pantry, shop with you, cook with you, menu plan, and review nutritional information, working with you virtually or in person. Whatever you need, I've got the right resource - whether it’s a physician, meditation practice, yoga, chef, an outlet for creativity or a field trip. My coaching is about way more than food.

My passion, the burning in my own belly, is helping people be the very best version of themselves they can be. I believe that you are extraordinary. Let's make sure that every day you feel extraordinary.

Lisa A.

The Zo Program with the inimitable Audrey Zona has literally breathed new life into how I think about body image, food and eating. Audrey is a true guiding light in the field of nutrition and how to connect with your thoughts when it comes to eating good, tasty, healthy food. She also gives you your own personal tools in how to avoid the proverbial rabbit hole of cravings and binge eating. The Zo Program helps you achieve those goals whether it's weight loss, better eating habits or general well being not only through Audrey's vast knowledge of healthy eating but also her positive, loving and warm energy that truly puts you on the path to wellness. She is an INSPIRATION!


If you have questions about the program
and want to have a chat…email me and we’ll set up a call!



From our first meeting you really made me believe I would be successful. 6 weeks later, I’m losing weight and I feel fantastic! Your way of “clean eating” is a game changer for me. Thank you Audrey!


  • One hour weekly coaching sessions.

    Meeting either in person, or virtually using Zoom.
    We can make it work wherever you are!

  • Personalized menu planning, recipes and loads of inspiration!

  • Pantry and fridge clean out.

  • Food shopping tours at your favorite markets.

    I can make this work for you virtually as well!

  • Assistance navigating menu’s, social situations and your home/work life.

  • Access to my network of incredible physicians, healers, chefs and much, much more!

Audrey Zona - Zo Program

I'm Your Girl!

If you’re a dedicated woman ready to partner with me to create your new, beautiful and improved self, then you’re my girl, too!
Take a journey with me that will change your life!


I almost couldn’t believe the scale! The first week on your program I lost 4 pounds! Planning and preparing has been a life changer for me. Your knowledge and compassion is like nothing else I’ve experienced…thank you so much Audrey!

If you have questions about the program
and want to have a chat…email me and we’ll set up a call!