The Zo Program

Lose Weight, Gain Life

The Zo Program

Lose Weight, Gain Life


You’ve tried everything out there from the grapefruit diet to Weight Watchers, and nothing’s worked.
And now you’re feeling like there’s something wrong with you. (There isn’t.)
You might even feel ashamed or believe you’re a failure. (You’re not.)
I’m here to tell you, this is not your fault.

The system is designed to keep you in a perpetual yo-yo state. It’s designed to make you doubt yourself so you keep “dieting”.

No one’s ever taught you how much your emotions drive your decisions around food.
No one’s ever taught you that stress can make you gain weight!
No one’s ever taught you how to eat when going through menopause.
No one’s ever taught you that EATING and actually enjoying food will help you lose weight.
No one’s ever taught you that you don’t have to starve to lose weight.

You’ve been fed lie after lie when it comes to healthy eating.

That ends NOW.

Welcome the Zo Program
Your life is about to change forever!

The Next Zo Program starts Sept 2021

Audrey Zona

Hi. I’m Audrey Zona and I know what it’s like to wish for a different body. I’ve struggled with my weight on and off for most of my life. I’ve struggled with sugar addiction believe me, I know what you are going through.

If you’re a dedicated woman ready to partner with me to create your new, beautiful and improved self, then take the next step.
Connect with me for a journey with me that will change your life!

I wasn’t always good at integrating healthy choices into my life. From a very early age, I was overweight. At ten years old I attended my first diet camp - “fat camp" as it was negatively referred to.  I spent the following three summers at camp, losing weight and learning how to make healthy decisions.
Listen - I’ve tried just as many plans, diets and programs as you, and I know how frustrating it can be, stuck in that never-ending yo-yo cycle! What I’ve come to realize through years of “dieting” & “restricting", and is that diets absolutely don’t work and that losing weight is so much more complex than calories in, calories out!


Once I became empowered with the knowledge that I could change my own life, I knew I had to help others do the same!  Weight loss is an intricate dance of nutrition, hormones, sleep, exercise, thoughts, emotions and stress. My continuous studies and expertise has lead me to develop my Zo Program to address and conquer it all!  I want you to be free of crazy fad diets, finally reach your goals and STAY there. My promise to every single Zo Program student is that I will be by your side, cheering you on and helping you break through your walls without judgement. I've helped hundreds of women have success in their new way of living and I can't wait to help you do the same.

The Next Zo Program starts Sept 2021!


Down 25 lbs!


Down 30 lbs!

Lily's Transformation

“The Zo program has completely changed the way I look at food!! As a college student, being very caught up in social media and fad diets that my friends were always trying, I used to think the only way to be healthy was to eat plain, boring salads and run 5 miles per day.

After working with Audrey and following her Zo Program, my whole mindset has changed. Instead of fearing things like carbs, I now know the right types and amounts to enjoy them in!! Instead of having plain salads, Audrey introduced me to so many new foods and products that I don’t feel guilty adding to my meals! 

Audrey taught me that any movement is good movement and that I don’t always have to be killing myself running to stay in shape! Most importantly, food is no longer something that occupies my headspace at all times like it used to. Healthy choices have become so ingrained in my mind, I often find myself not even thinking twice about choosing the better option. 

Thank you Audrey!! I feel the best I’ve ever felt about myself and can’t wait to continue with my incredible new healthy lifestyle! The Zo Program was an incredible decision that armed me the education to live a healthy, happy life!” 


Down 25 lbs!


Down 20 lbs!


Down 20 lbs!


Down 20 lbs!


  • Get re-inspired every week on our live Zoom coaching sessions. You’ll never lose touch with why you started this program!

  • Break through old dieting myths with weekly truth- telling educational videos delivered to your inbox.

  • Make it real this time around as you share your high’s and low’s with real women who are going through the program with you in our private Facebook group.. (It really does take a tribe!!)

  • Never find yourself staring at the fridge, wondering what to eat, ever again!! You’ll get Personalized menu planning, recipes, meal suggestions and loads of inspiration to make your life easier!

  • Head to your supermarket with confidence. Food shopping lists and links to amazing products are shared weekly.

  • No more stressing out when going out to dinner or ordering in. And yes, you can lose weight and eat out! I’ll teach you how to navigate menus & social situations.

  • Experts at your fingertips! During the Zo Program, I'll bring you incredible physicians, healers, chefs and more!

  • Price: $595


In 8 weeks you will...

  • Lose weight!
  • Uncover behavioral patterns that cause you to fail
  • Understand stories you’ve told yourself that aren’t true and sabotage your weight loss efforts
  • Gain new habits
  • Break destructive patterns
  • Learn new recipes
  • See where stress is a factor in your relationship with food
  • Stop pacifying yourself with food
Salad Bar

Lessons Include:

  • Understanding physical vs. emotional hunger
  • Navigating restaurant menus & buffet tables
  • Gut Health & Your Microbiome
  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Eliminating Old Stories and Excuses
  • Holiday Season Survival Plan

I bring an awareness that goes beyond dieting
and calories in/calories out.

I will help you “look under the hood” and uncover patterns, stresses and behaviors that are keeping you from losing weight and feeling good. Ones that you aren't even aware of but are derailing you from weight-loss success every time.
I will arm you with what you need to establish a mindset that encourages a lifestyle where you lean out and still feel whole.

The Zo Program will teach you new patterns to put into practice.
Giving you the long-term weight-loss success you are seeking.

In addition to all of the mindset work, the Zo Program, includes recipes, meal planning and prep and special guests who join me throughout the 8 weeks.
I provide the right planning, ideas, camaraderie and support in this online group course.

You are ready - transform your body and your life.

Audrey Zona Nourished


  • Feeling of joy and excitement when you slip on your favorite jeans that you haven’t been able to wear in years!
  • Food no longer has a “hold” on you and you’re able to make healthy choices without stressing over it every day…yes you’ll stop obsessing over food!
  • Your mood becomes stable, a much happier version of yourself!
  • No more high’s and low’s from the sugar roller coaster…yup…promise you won’t crave it anymore!
  • End to the mindless snacking and after dinner pantry raids… yes, it’s possible to go to bed without a snack!
  • Less aches and pains and you’ll find that exercising and simply getting out of bed becomes much easier.
  • Digestion and stomach issues resolved!
  • Weight loss and an overall feeling of empowerment!

The Next Zo Program starts Sept 2021!

If you have questions about the program
and want to have a chat…email me and we’ll set up a call!