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What if...

you returned to college or arrived as a Freshman, ready to move into your dorm, and discovered that it came with a built-in Health Coach? This guru would set you up for success, act as food mentor and wellness guide and teach you how to avoid the pitfalls of college eating.


Meet Audrey Zona, professional wellness coach and creator of Zo Healthy and the Zo College Nutrition Program. Audrey knows that college can bring a lot of excitement, partying, late nights, anxiety, and stress, and all of those unavoidable ups and downs can affect the way students eat.


BUT! She also knows that for every hangover, there is a cure. For every temptation, there is a swap. While you’re filling your head with knowledge, fill your dorm fridge with smart options. If you’re prepared to succeed with a healthy-eating plan, you stand a better chance of creating and maintaining habits that will serve you in college and beyond.


The Zo College Nutrition Program comes with virtual support and coaching, tips and tricks, food swaps, and tons of wellness information to get you on track or keep you on track toward your weight and wellness goals.

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Join the Zo College Nutrition Program!

4 online sessions meeting via Zoom, so you can be anywhere in the country and participate!

  • Week One:

    Dorm room essentials, navigating the cafeteria, apartment essentials and Amazon cart list of “must have’s”

  • Week Two:

    Importance of gut health, self care, meditation, exercise, and supplementation to keep you healthy and your immunity strong!

  • Week Three:

    Navigating the drinking scene, late night munchies and how to get back on track with hangover cures, tips and tricks.

  • Week Four:

    Navigating eating out, ordering in and “eat this-not that” list of foods.

Session Dates:

Wednesday September 4th
Monday September 9th
Monday September 23rd
Monday October 7th

All sessions at 7:00pm EST

There will be a private FB group for all who join, so you’ll find a community of support in addition to having Health Coach Audrey Zona at your disposal.


Cost is $95 per person
Deadline to register: July 30th

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Let me be your coach and help you start the semester with a renewed commitment to your wellness following a program that is actually doable.