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Dr. Jennifer Ashton is the country’s leading voice of Women’s Health, as the only Board-certified Ob-Gyn with a national media platform. She is a frequent Keynote Speaker and Moderator for National events regarding Health and Wellness. She is committed to improving the lives of girls and women through increasing health literacy and busting myths that have been propagated via folklore with little medical or scientific basis. She has a ‘girlfriend’s’ approachable demeanor with Ivy League credentials that combine to make her the definitive voice for Women’s Health in the modern age. As a mom, Dr. Ashton not only ‘talks the talk’ but ‘walks the walk’, proving that commitment to good nutrition, fitness, sleep and stress reduction are the cornerstones to health and wellness. With her MD, and credentials in Nutrition, along with her accomplishments as a triathlete and fitness enthusiast, Dr. Ashton is as comfortable discussing the latest workout or diet trend, as she is counseling on cancer screening or reproductive health issues facing women.


Cliff Randall, CPT, is a well-recognized performance coach. Cliff is a personal trainer and coach, who educates, and inspires his clients and athletes.  He was named one of the top five trainers from 2006 - 2010 of New York and Racquet Club. Cliff is the creator of Cliff Bounce, where he provided his professional training to basketball players at Division I colleges. Cliff was also a part of Hoop Group Elite Top 100 basketball players trainer and AAU #1 ranked 15 university teams where he inspired them to commit to long-term health, fitness goals and sports performance nutrition. After spending four years as a Head Trainer and Regional Fitness Director at OrangeTheory, he's now partnered with Yusuf Myers to bring the PRX brand from NYC to NJ, opening the new PRX NJ Studio in Fort Lee.

Yusuf Myers

Yusuf Myers, Founder and Creator of the PRX brand, is a fitness visionary and one of the top innovators in the fitness industry. Yusuf breaks down barriers and creates customized lifestyle programming which promotes community and changes lives. Rated one of the top trainers in North America, Yusuf can be found regularly in issues of Men’s Fitness magazine teaching America new exercises and how to work out safely and effectively. In 2011, Yusuf was also featured as one of the leading personal trainers on the nationally televised MTV show I Used To Be Fat, which depicted the weight loss journeys of people who’d battled obesity since their early childhood. As a motivator and role model, Yusuf has a unique connection with his clients that stems from his own personal journey towards wellness. His passion for fitness, combined with his understanding of both individual goals and his keen understanding of anatomy has helped him create some of the most comprehensive training programs to date.

Dr. Oren Tepper is a board-certified world-renowned plastic surgeon, teacher, and innovator.

His approach to plastic surgery is entirely unique, offering an all-inclusive outlook balancing traditional beauty concepts with modern day cutting-edge technology.
He is a pioneer in 3D imaging in plastic surgery as well as stem cell therapy to reverse age-related damage, both of which have revolutionized patient care and earned him national and international awards.

Dr Tepper’s passion for aesthetic surgery coupled with renowned expertise in reconstructive surgery makes him a recognized leader in the field. He is the Director of Aesthetic Surgery at the Montefiore Health System and an Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery, Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Dr. Tepper also serves as Director of the Craniofacial Surgery Program at Montefiore, which focuses on complex surgery of the face, nose, and underlying bone structure.

Dr. Tepper recently received international recognition for his role in the successful separation of conjoined twins Jadon and Anais McDonald.  The historic event was reported as a CNN exclusive as well as a documentary “Special Report: Separated: Saving the Twins” (air date, 6/23/2017).

As a recognized leader in his field, Dr. Tepper has authored over 50 textbook chapters and journal articles and is an invited speaker at numerous national and international meetings. Dr. Tepper strives to offer patients comprehensive care and the latest techniques in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Oren Tepper
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