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The ZO Program

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8 Eight Week Group Coaching Package

At the core of my offerings lies my non-traditional 8-week weight loss program for women who want to drop pounds without dreading the process.

Perfect if you’re ready to throw out the term “diet” once and for all, manifest lasting change, and feel like a million bucks in your skinny jeans.

You’ll get weekly group coaching and video sessions with me, mouthwatering meal plans, and a private FB Group for on-going community connection and support. 

ENROLLMENT opens september 2022!

ZO Healthy 101

8 Eight Week self-lead weight loss program

Want the benefits of The ZO program, but can’t swing the price tag? 

Drop pounds inside of an 8 week self study course where you focus on building successful health foundations, learning to listen to your body, and starting to create habits for lasting change. 

If you’re a self-starter or just want to dip your toes into the ZO Healthy System, Zo Healthy 101 is a great place to start!



Work with Audrey one-on-one
for fast, lasting results

Future Foundations

Future Foundations Coaching is for women in their Teens to Twenties that want to start laying a foundations for lasting health now!

After-Baby Body

After-Baby Body Coaching is for women who’ve experienced change after being pregnant and want to work to get their body back in optimal shape!

Revamp & Reset

Revamp & Reset Coaching is for women who want guidance and my top tricks and secrets for having your best body during menopause!