Meet Audrey

Welcome to Zo Healthy!​

My name is Audrey Zona​

Integrative Health & Weight Loss Coach

I truly love helping people and I was the go-to-friend for all things nutrition, food and exercise long before I officially launched Zo Healthy over 9 years ago. The calling to step into this work stemmed from “having been there” with my own struggles.

I was that deeply unhappy chubby kid that got sent to “fat camp”, as it was negatively called, not once, but three summers in a row. But I’m so grateful now because during that third summer something clicked, and I finally understood what I needed to do.

This is when I fully understood that mindset had to be in the driver’s seat in order to achieve healthy lasting weight loss. I’ve since spent a lifetime compiling an overflowing tool-kit that simply works!

  • As an Institute for The Psychology of Eating certified coach,
  • One of three nationwide Prolon® coaches, and as
  • The go-to expert for 100s of women who’ve gone through my programs,

I’d be honored to help you break free from the chaos and step into an empowered relationship with your body and food.

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