Audrey's Favorite Products:

ÜFORIA is the one and only company to offer personalized designer ÜTRITION created specificallyfor YOU, based upon your DNA profile.

Your DNA holds the blueprint to how your body responds to the world around it. ÜFORIA™ is a nutritional supplement as unique as you, because it's custom designed for you. Inspired by your DNA.

This is literally the most delicious cauliflower pizza crust I have found.
It is a grain-free cauliflower pizza crust is made with simple, fresh ingredients. Enjoy pizza guilt free!

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You've heard me talk about using essential oils as part of your overall wellness regime. And if you've been to my events you've received my custom blend as a gift.
Essential Oils can help you manage your families wellness. doTerra produces the most potent and pure oils from plant extracts. Use them in many different aspects of your life.

What we put on our body should be as clean as what we put in our body. I love Follain for their commitment to 'non-toxic is non-negotiable'. Only 10% of what they test ends up on their shelves.

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