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Audrey Zona is the founder of ZO Healthy, where she is an integrative healthy and weight-loss coach who works with women who want to look AND feel amazing.

She’s the creator of The ZO Program, an 8-week non-traditional weight loss program for women who want to drop pounds without dreading the process by focusing on acceptance, assessment, activation, and alignment. She’s one of only three national Prolon® coaches and an Institute for The Psychology of Eating certified coach, who’s been featured in New York Post, The Scout Guide, City Lifestyle, and NJ On Air.

The calling to step into this work stemmed from “having been there” with her own struggles. She struggled with weight as a child and after going through several weight-loss experiences she fully understood that mindset had to be in the driver’s seat in order to achieve healthy lasting weight loss.

She’s since spent a lifetime compiling an overflowing tool-kit that simply works

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Popular Speaking Topics:

• The Mindset and Body Connection

• Kicking Sugar

• Losing Weight Without Deprivation While Loving Oneself

• Sustainable Weightloss over 40


“Audrey changed my whole life – I’m eating healthy, more wholesome and satisfying foods. I don’t even crave the foods I was eating before. I recommend this program to anyone wishing to rediscover their health or learn how to live a healthier lifestyle.” Wendy

Compassionate and knowledgable

“Audrey is compassionate, knowledgeable and incredibly sensitive to my individual needs. She communicates and teaches in a way that is understandable. Our meetings were so helpful and I leave them feeling so empowered and  “I can do this!” attitudes.” Deb

A supportive voice in the online health coaching industry.

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TV Appearances:

WFSB | Kara’s Cures – ProLon Cleanse

Speaking and Events

Wellness Event:

Focus on Exercise, Beauty & Clean Drinking | Nov 2018

Wellness Event:

Spring Day of Healing | Apr 2017

Wellness Event:

Gluten: Why the Hype? | Oct 2016

Wellness Event:

Gluten: Why the Hype? | Oct 2016

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