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St Barths Guide – My Top Favorite Spots


I was lucky enough to enjoy a 5-day vacation to the wonderful island of St. Barths this past week! Boy did I need some downtime…and it was the perfect place to disconnect and soak up some sun! Not sure if you’ve ever been, but you definitely need to put St. Barths on your bucket list. It’s one of my favorite places, and I’ll tell you why.

St. Barths. short for Saint Barthélemy, is an overseas collectivity of France in the Caribbean, so you feel like you’re in Europe. This tiny jewel of an island may be small, but big on appeal, with all of its charming touches, rolling hills overlooking the Caribbean Sea, delicious food, and chic vibe.

Just a 4-hour flight to St. Martin and then a 20-minute flight right into St. Barths and you’ve arrived on this magical island.

There are many beautiful hotels or you can rent a villa, which is great for a family or a group of friends. The restaurants are amazing and the food is incredible wherever you go. It’s hard to make a mistake!




Here’s a short list of the restaurants I went to this time around:

  • L’Isola for dinner- delicious Italian fine dining, love the shaved artichoke salad, grilled octopus, and Bronzino.
  • Shellona lunch on the beach, a very cool scene with a little boutique adjacent to the restaurant. It’s right on the edge of Gustavia, the town, so you can walk around town either before or after lunch! I had the Mahi burger, no bun, over a salad. We shared for the table tuna taco, grilled octopus and the truffle french fries are to die for!
  • Santa Fe for dinner is more reasonably priced, absolutely delicious food. More of a casual spot but worth going. I had the mixed seafood “hot pot” and 2 orders of the mixed green salad because it was that delicious!! The dressing is perfection.
  • Le Toiny lunch is an experience! They shuttle you down to the beach in an open air jeep-like vehicle. You step onto the sand and walk to your table that’s placed beautifully on the edge of the water. It’s perfect! In between courses, you can shop in the charming boutique that’s just a stone’s throw away. The food is outstanding as well as the service. I had grilled salmon with a side skewer of veggies and we shared tuna tartare and grilled octopus. Their homemade iced tea is a winner!
  • Le Tamarin dinner in a garden is also a magical experience. Fabulous food, excellent service, and such a fun place to dine. If you’re into dessert, you must try the “snickers” and the lemon desserts. Omg!
  • Eden Rock lunch has a vibe you don’t want to miss! Perched above the ocean, you can dine with a frosé in hand. I had the Mahi burger, no bun, side salad, and of course, french fries! I think the prerequisite for working here is tall, dark, handsome with sparkling blue eyes that match the ocean you’re overlooking. Seriously this spot is worth going! Fun, cool vibe, and delicious food.
  • Dinner at L’Esprit was amazing! Another restaurant tucked into a garden with a treehouse sort of feel. The chef is a true artist and this was the most incredible meal. Each course was plated like a painting…absolute artwork and beyond delicious. They quickly figured out that I like my veggies and were so kind to bring me a large side salad to accompany my crab appetizer. So kind of them! Definitely add this restaurant to the list, don’t miss it!
  • Lunch at Le Guanahani was amazing. Their newly renovated pool and restaurant area is beautiful and worth the visit. The staff was delightful and of course the food, once again, delicious. We started with a giant veggie crudite and then I had a lovely salad with grilled chicken. We ended the meal with a fruit plate and espresso.



More Food and Goodies:

  • Bakery that has gluten-free goodies: Eden to GO, across from the airport. They also had almond milk…and most places don’t…so I was able to get a cappuccino!
  • For non-gluten-free goodies, La Petite Colombe has the most delicious croissants and pastries. Amazing coffee too!
  • For gourmet foods, snacks, cheeses, crackers, and chocolate go to Lepicerie Dugout
  • Supermarket to pick up all kinds of fruit, snacks, and other items: JOJO and American Gourmet are great, but there are others throughout the island. I picked up almond milk and other healthy snacks to have in the villa.




Clothing, Jewelry, and Boutiques:

  • I love Pop Saint Barth, beautiful clothing made in France and Italy, many of their own designs
  • Malol St. Barths – amazing clothing, shoes, and some accessories. Best on the island for casual dresses and bathing suits too! This store Is owned by a well-known young lady, Malol…she’s the daughter of Eddy of “Eddy’s Ghetto” and he’s the son of the famous owner of Le Select..and the nickname was “cheeseburger in paradise” by Jimmy Buffet.
  • Diamond Genesis for beautiful jewelry and the original diamond St. Barths island jewelry.
  • Linen St. Barths for great men’s linen shirts, shorts, belts and so much more!
  • The boutique at Le Christopher hotel is great! They have awesome straw bags that say St. Barths, bathing suits, and fabulous unique clothing.
  • Kiwi St. Barths is great for casual t-shirts, hats, and little zippered pouches and duffles. Great spot for gifts!


I had such an incredible time on the island! I hope you find this guide helpful if you ever decide to visit St Barths!


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xoxo Audrey Zona

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