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Meet Audrey Z.

Audrey Zona is an Integrative Health & Nutrition Coach, specializing in the psychology of eating. Her mission is clear: to educate, inspire and empower YOU to become your most beautiful self from the inside out! She believes that outer beauty is a reflection of inner health and will become your champion on that journey toward health and wellness.


A lifelong advocate of clean eating, Audrey mentors her clients to make educated food and nutritional choices. She will create a personalized roadmap that encourages a healthy lifestyle, a positive relationship with food and a balanced program of nutrition, health and fitness.


Tap into her wealth of knowledge and resources and join Audrey as she shares her passion for wellness with the greater community through a series of topic-specific seminars, alongside other cutting edge professional guests.


Let Audrey’s enthusiasm for and dedication to positive personal breakthroughs inspire your journey and take you to new levels of health and wellness.

See What Others Are Saying...

Taking Audrey's New Year-New You class turned out to be more than I expected!  My schedule had become so busy that I stopped caring for myself and my nutrition. My goals were to learn more about healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.  This class was so much more than that!  I’ve made many changes to my eating habits with all the information Audrey shared with us. In addition, she had fabulous guest chef’s come in to teach us how to prepare delicious healthy meals. We got together to take yoga and exercise classes, took a great trip to NY and had so many guest speakers to educate us during this journey.  During class, this group of woman truly became friends and our discussions became inspiring, heartfelt and uplifting. So much thought went into what Audrey prepared for us each week, that you truly feel the love she has and her desire to help her clients. I can't say enough, don't miss the chance to work with Audrey! - Jeannie V

I recently did a 6-week wellness course with Audrey and I can tell you I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed it.  I was not sure what to expect but from day one. I felt so comfortable with her and the other ladies.  Audrey is very encouraging and not at all judgmental.   I have learned so much about the mind/ body connection with food!  She really makes you think about what you put in your body.  And I now have a better appreciation of why I do the things I do and how do make my body function better.  I encourage anyone thinking about taking her class to definitely sign up today!!!! - Terry D.

Last night, I came back home after driving the kids to and from their activities.  It was 10 pm, we were tired and hungry and usually I am too tired to cook. But yesterday, despite the late hour, I had energy and I started to prepare a quick meal for the family.  At one point, in the midst of chopping onions, I stopped and wondered what I was doing. Something happened to me during the little meditation / breathing exercise you lead us through at your wellness event.  Without being fully “ conscious” of my actions, I believe I was recreating that space of quiet and calm and nourishment you described.  And my family and I sat down to a simple and warm meal, and without having to articulate the words, I was able to express by my actions my love and my gratitude for everything I had at that moment. I didn't expect to come away with such life lessons, and for this, I want to thank you for doing what you do.  Your clients are fortunate to have you guiding them!
- JY Founder Champagne Tea

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