4 Ways to Make a Killer Salad

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Love eating salads out, but hate making them at home? 

Here’s 4 ways to make a killer salad the Zo Healthy way

  • Add variety! I like to use a combo of lettuces plus grilled & raw veggies
  • Add texture! Do this by adding a tablespoon of nuts/seed, low fat goat/feta cheese, and fruit (strawberries, grapes or blueberries are usually good!)
  • Add protein! Top your salad with grilled chicken, salmon, fish, or shrimp. If you want something plant based try quinoa, lentils or beans.
  • Add flavor! I love Jennifer Fisher salts, adding herbs, and making homemade dressing (Usually I do Bragg’s Italian vinaigrette, mustard, balsamic or white wine vinegar & EVOO)
1 of 4 Ways to Make a Killer Salad -  Poshi Veggies
  • Monterey Farms Artichokes – deliciously seasoned artichoke hearts are amazing! They add a rich “carb” like texture with no guilt!
  • Poshi – no time to prepare veggies? Look no further … these are all done for you and ready to go!
  • Natierra – freeze dried fruits are a fun way to add crunch and sweet at the same time. Give these a try!
  • Tahini Goddess – dressings make all of the difference, so that’s why I often make a dressing using this incredible tahini. Add some fresh lemon juice and voila! I love using the Caesar Style and Pesto Tahini.
  • Parm Crisps – if cheese is your thing … add some of these!
1 of 4 Ways to Make a Killer Salad - Tahini Goddess dressing

Of course adding fresh fruit is a great way to add flavor, sweetness, fiber and not a lot of calories. You get bang for your buck!

Once you have your mix of greens in place, add some roasted or grilled veggies, artichoke hearts, fresh or freeze dried fruit, a dressing make with tahini and then top with your favorite protein!

Skies the limit: chicken, turkey, salmon, shrimp, beef, lentils, beans or tofu. If you want, you can also add things like sunflower seeds or hempseed for more plant based protein.

And if you love having a “crunch” on the side, enjoy a few Mary’s Gone Crackers or Snacklins … they work beautifully with a salad!!

Let me know if you try any of these options! And if you’d like to share your salad creation on social media, tag me @zo_healthy on Instagram!

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