How to Navigate the Memorial Day BBQ

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I cannot believe that May is half way over! Which means the summer grilling season is upon us and Memorial Day is right around the corner. With the pandemic seemingly under control, I think a lot of people will be jumping at the opportunity to get together with friends to celebrate and fire up the grill!

The most important thing about eating alfresco with our friends and family is to be present and enjoy each other’s company. Although getting together, especially now, feels like a celebration, there’s no need to go hog wild with unhealthy food. Yes, you can have a fabulous time with a burger and no bun, LOL

I’m here to get you empowered with a plan that supports your nutritional goals!

Here’s three ways to enjoy that juicy burger and stay healthy at the same time:

Skip the bun and wrap it in lettuce, top with pickles!

Photo of burger patties with lettuce and tomatoes

Sandwich the burger in between 2 cauliflower flats like Outer Aisle.

Add some low sugar ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato and onion.

Outer Aisle Cauliflower Sandwich Thins

Wrap the burger in an Egg Life wrap or a Siete almond flour wrap

Then lettuce, tomato and onion and maybe some pickles too.

Photo of siete almond flower wrap with meat with lettuce and tomatoes

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