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Capri Travel Guide – My Favorite Spots

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Capri – the most magical place on earth! Not sure if you’ve ever been but if you haven’t, you definitely need to put Capri on your bucket list. It’s one of my favorite places to visit, and I’ll tell you why.

Capri is an absolute island paradise located in Southern Italy. The sun seems to shine a little brighter there and the sea glistens a more vibrant shade of blue.

It’s an absolutely breathtaking place full of natural beauty and aliveness. Capri is not only known for its rugged landscape but for its luxurious hotels, high-quality restaurants, and the absolute best places to shop!

Here are some of my absolute favorite travel spots you have to check out. Enjoy!



Here are my top picks for restaurants on Capri:

  • Terrazza Brunella – Such a beautiful, romantic restaurant. I would ask for a table by the window if you can. We had dinner there, but lunch is also wonderful!

  • Il Riccio- in AnaCapri – I definitely recommend taking a taxi up there. It’s only open for lunch, but it’s just amazing! The view is beautiful, the food is delicious, and they have a dessert room that is off the charts! It’s also a beach club, but they don’t allow outside guests to enjoy the beach chairs anymore, only guests of the hotel Capri Palace.

  • Caesar Augustus – This was my favorite meal and experience of the entire vacation! We got there around 7:45 for the sunset. Had drinks and then dinner at 8:30. It was magical! Ask for a table that’s for 2 people kind of on its own (they have these cool little areas that stick out, hard to describe but so romantic and pretty!) The food was beyond incredible, the service was outstanding and the entire evening was amazing. It’s about a 10 minute taxi up to AnaCapri, no big deal.

  • La Capannina – wonderful more casual restaurant in the middle of Capri, one of our fav’s!! It’s on Via delle Botteghe (one of the main little ally’s to shop). We ate there a number of times, always delicious! He has this mashed white bean and escarole appetizer that’s wonderful! Ask for Francesco, he’s the son and an owner. You can mention my name if you want…he knows me!

  • Aurora – considered one of the best, delicious food and THE people watching place to be. Many famous people, it’s a scene! Must call ahead to make reservations.

  • Ristorante Faraglione – really great food, lunch or dinner. We go at least once while there. More casual, but has amazing food and is very well priced.

  • Il Geranio – we had a fabulous lunch but dinner would be awesome as well. Beautiful setting looking out on the water.

  • Da Paolina – the “lemon tree” restaurant is very famous. It’s a must see!

  • Villa Verde – is one of the most popular spots! It’s a scene…the place to go, total scene, amazing food! worth going!

  • Another great restaurant is Ristorante Da Tonino. It’s a bit of a walk but amazing food and service.

  • Al Capri – we loved this place! Tell them you are friends with Simone. Really yummy food, great service, and is very well priced. Ask for a window table, the view at night is gorgeous!

  • Gelateria Buonocore Capri – the best gelato, cookies, and cannolis on Capri!

  • Le Camerelle – great spot for delicious salads at lunch or lighter fare for dinner.


  • Lo Zaffiro Capri was also an incredible experience! The most delicious, high end food. Very pretty spot too!
  • Fontelina is amazing! You have to make reservations ahead of time and your hotel cannot do it for you. You have to email them directly. Go for lunch and to sit on a beach chair…on the rocks!! Yup, no sand, just rocks! But it’s fun and good to go at least one time. Chic and amazing!

  • I also love Da Luigi which is right next door to Fontelina.

  • Lido Faro beach club is in AnaCapri, very, very nice! There is a lighthouse there…considered a very romantic spot as well. Service is wonderful, food great. I don’t think they take reservations but it’s easy to get chairs and they are actually more comfortable than the other locations.

  • La Canzone del Mare – I haven’t been here, but I hear great things. I became friendly with one of the shop owners and she suggested going here, and it looks beautiful!

  • Another gem of a beach club for beach and lunch: Torre Saracena

  • If you decide to rent a boat…definitely contact Barbara Positano… She’s the best! Barbara and her husband are the best in the business!


After a day on the water with the boat, make your way over to one of these 2 restaurants on Nerano (small island near Capri). Both of these places are known for the Zucchini Pasta…definitely worth having!! The food is fantastic, it’s a real experience!


Sight Seeing

One of the main sightseeing spots in Capri is the Blue Grotto. It’s definitely considered a once-in-a-lifetime experience! The Blue Grotto is a cave where the sea shimmers an out-of-this-world shade of blue. I have to admit the lines are ridiculously long and access to the grotto is dependent on weather and tides.




The shopping is amazing, you will have no issues finding incredible treasures!

  • One of my favorite jewelry shops is called Angela Puttini..she makes the most beautiful, unique pieces. If you go, tell Angela and her girls that I sent you 🙂 They are the sweetest!! Her address is 23 Via Le Botteghe (same ally as the restaurant La Capannina)

  • My other favorite jeweler is Chantecler. You’ll see their shop as you come down the hill, after passing through the “square” on the left side. It’s kind of fancy, but OMG, gorg! I have a fabulous link like chain with 2 of their iconic discs that you hang off of the chain. They became famous for the “Capri Bell” and everyone has copied them. If you decide to go in, mention my name, they know me 🙂 You can just look around, don’t feel pressure to buy anything. They are the nicest people! I work with Veronica.

  • And then a few doors down from the jewelry store is a fabulous linen shop called Ersilia…the best ever! We buy lots of goodies there.

  • For amazing nondesigner shoes but gorgeously Italian made, Capri Shoes Ragozzino on Via Fuorlovado owned by mother and son. Tell them I sent you!

  • If you happen to be in Amalfi, definitely have lunch at Hotel Santa Caterina…it was amazing!! Amalfi isn’t anything special at all…I wouldn’t really suggest going, but if you happen to be passing through for any reason, go visit the hotel for sure.

  • For beautiful baby clothing, accessories, and adult Capri inspired bags, visit Capridea. The owner hand crochets many items – it’s so special and different. The store is up the stairs from the clock tower to the left.

  • For glassware, china, home goods, and candles… you have to visit the store Capri Object. Tell Daniela I sent you!






I tend to go on long walks/hikes through the terrain of Capri, but if you need to lift some weights, here’s where to go: Athena Gym – New Generation


I always have such an incredible time on the island! I hope you find this guide helpful if you ever decide to visit Capri!

And if you want some extra assistance planning your trip around Capri, you can connect with Rachel from Bravissimo Capri Group at She is wonderful at helping you explore the real beauty and magic of the island, leaving you with a unique and unforgettable experience. She is truly wonderful!



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